What should i install on my windows 7 SP1 vm?

resumed u can suggsted now
what apps and items should i install on my Win 7 vm
Chrome 68
firefox 40
opera 10
windows live esseintals 2009
Office 2010 Professional Plus (activated with a key i found in my house)
steam <3
VxKex (extended kernel for win7 to Rin 8.1 or newer apps)

Windows Live Essentials?
Office 2007?

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Install the 2 great media players:
1- MPC-HC. Releases · clsid2/mpc-hc · GitHub
2- VLC media player. Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN
Also, AnyDesk. The Fast Remote Desktop Application – AnyDesk


installed them!

still open plz suggstet

do you require old apps or newer?

any app make sure it runs on win 7 (also of u can try to make it fit with the 2010 aspct

And yeah I’ll also allowgagets

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i have all updates with legacy update

but ill give it a try

  • origin (that basiclly looks like steam but not a ripoff. i remember having origin in my broken corrupted ACER laptop)
  • a screen recording that you can use for bitview though (either bandicam or hypercam which its the best)
  • imgburn (i use)
  • neuro tools (never heared of it but its intresting)
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what is nero tooles

plus i alr have steam :smiley:

you mean tools?

I think that’s software to to make CDs or DVDs like for music pictures files idk anything else I think it’s something like Deamon Tools

ok .

thanks ill try it :smiley:

why cant you try origin instead? you know. best experience. 2 game clients in 1!

alr ill try

Wait how do I install it