What should I call my WLM Messenger that I am working on?


Would you like my WLM Messenger to be called…

  • Windows Live Messenger 2020
  • Windows Live Messenger 2019
  • Windows Live Messenger 2018

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WLM X of course, after skipping 10 due to “Lining up with other WL Apps”


Windows live Messenger 2018 is better for me


2018 and I hope it’s will be not in metro desing


the interface it will be the same of WLM 2012?


You will be highly disappointed to know it uses Microsoft’s Fluent Design which is a mix of Aero and Metro. However I am working on Windows Live Messenger 2019 which will be Aero Only.

WLM 2018 - Windows 10 Only
WLM 2019 - Windows 7 and above
WLM 2020 - To be revealed


thank you


I would also like to say to the voters who chose WLM 2018, that’s the Win10 version. The main focus of the question is what version of my WLMs should I work on the most :wink:


i can help you with design wlm 19! tell me your escargot


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


tell me your escargot


i want metro ui in this :wink:


metro sucks

and we all know why


if you can, make a mix of the old windows 7 inspired style, with the new fluent design. just dont fucking use fluent design too much.

i know this is fake.


metro is not beautiful


metro(WINDOWS 8.1) dont sucks , aero(WINDOWS VISTA) dont sucks


but windows 10 interface very like metro


windows 10 interface is called modern ( i guess )


called modern but it’s just metro with some new elements