What Should I Buy For 24 December?

Hi Guys,
I need Help, i want something special for 24 december (not christmas, i am not christian), like i dunno, oh i know
you, yeah you behind your screen 4th wall break you can propose something for me,
eventually i have only 20 euros so, heh

wish listWishlist.txt (161 Octets)

Here’s some categories,

Trucs Inutiles:
Amiibo Callie/Marie/Inkling Boy
SD Card
Some Legos

Nintendo 64
Mario Kart 64

MS Essential Keyboard

No one wants to help?


I don’t know anything about them so I can’t really help…

Nintendo 64

Do yourself a favor and use emulators instead, it’s not very worthy to get old consoles nowadays. You can get a used Wii/PSP and then softmod it too.


I heard once that accounts used by cheaters are cheaper. If you really don’t want to play in big servers I recommend you to get one of these.

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for the n64 , i am not a emulator guy.
minecraft, i want to go on a popular prenium server

all my homies hate hypixel

most are expnesive so its just recommended to use an emulator like project64

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just get a wii and homebrew it

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50 euros Ă  n64

Also don’t trust ebay

I was meaning Paladium

I realize this isn’t anything near your posted wishlist, but have you thought about something that might be more overall rewarding? For instance, something you can build, create, or just has multiple purposes other than games. Like Lego, or a nice keyboard, or something.

Also, December is a long time away, this is some impressive preparation :stuck_out_tongue:


ummm…ur right i’ll buy some keyboard!

The value is…aw man, 245euros…

Also i already have legos, also i spilled milk on my keyboard and some letters wont work, i use a virtual keyboard rn

get mechanical keyboard you won’t regret


Jesus, you don’t need to get such an expensive keyboard lol.
Like @Megadeth58 said, you should get a mechanical keyboard, mine is the BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 and it wasn’t even like 100€…
Honestly, there are even cheapest ones out there from CoolerMaster, SteelSeries and Corsair which are all great quality.


no, i mean 245 euros, the total, 70euros the mse keyboard

you can get a good one off of aliexpress for like 30 dolla

aliexpress is bad, i got scammed