What msn.com remakes are there?

i just want to see them im bored rn

There’s @Kos_Furler’s MCSN project at https://mcsn.ga, which even has a working news feed and upcoming login system, but that’s all for “MSN.com revivals”.

how does msn.ga’s news feed work?

this revival is so good!

Oh wait I messed up the URL.

Try it now.


It has the nice feature of loading at the speeds up dial up :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d say type it in as http://mcsn.ga (note the missing “s” in “https”) and see what you get.

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Direct it to http instead of https

i noticed that :disappointed:

does the .net work?

If you’re talking about the .NET Passport system, then I haven’t tested that out yet.

(But if you’re asking about if MCSN has a .net domain, then no)

im talking about the passport system

In that case, go test it out and see if it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

it works