What is this

what the hell is this/ que es esta cosa

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Well, it’s MSNIM on Mi¢ro$oft site

but what does that installer do

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It install MSNIM, without patch


It’s MSN Messenger 7.5 installer, original, from Microsoft’s website. :stuck_out_tongue:


did you not know msn messenger was made by microsoft? im surprised they didnt take it down yet, as if they support escargot

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yes i know but why microsoft support this messenger in this time knowing that microsoft not support messenger that support skype in this times

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guess they forgot to take it down

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The MSN Messenger team got re-organized after 7.5, as it moved from MSN to the Windows group (ala Windows Live). It’s likely still there on the Download Center because the “owner” of the 7.5 download no longer existed, since that group was no longer MSN and no one took over that job.

There (was?) some other neat artifacts on there too, but going through my browser’s history, a lot of it has been removed in the last year, so I suspect there’s a cleanup in progress.


i think you’re right, i was trying to download MSDE (legacy server program) and only a few months ago the download link seems to have vanished. searching for it again was a pain, but luckily i found it lol. i hope a lot of this stuff will get archived by somebody so it doesn’t completely vanish


It can be a real pain, luckily most Microsoft software tends to be pretty easy to find elsewhere.

A worse thing is drivers, I got burned a few times by assuming that the OEMs would continue to offer drivers for their hardware. I had to obtain wifi drivers for my older Thinkpad (that runs Win10 reasonably), not from Lenovo (the site barely recognizes my Thinkpad existed), but from Dell, as it’s the same Intel chipset as in one of their models. Which I think is a bit silly as I’m fairly confident that storing the complete collection of their drivers for download would cost less than even one of the cheapest of Lenovo PCs.


start removing in 2019-2020…

we are in 2020