What is post contains a word that's not allowed?



Filterlist seems unclear, is it a komplete filter?


“Body seems uncle@r, is it a komplete sentence” how to get banned from messengergeek 101


Yeah @TReKiE put that in a blacklist.

I mean, it was overused to death to circumvent Discourse’s required criteria of an actual sentence in a post. :confused:


is it a complete sentence

(as if that’s gonna work)


Body see㎳ unclear, is it a complete sentence?


Also I see a bit of the original reply:





Body seems.
(The blacklist seems to be triggered by “Body seems” + “unclear”) :stuck_out_tongue:


Body seems + unclear
you are wrong


I did that because if I actually typed it out with a space instead of a plus, the blacklist would be triggered. :stuck_out_tongue:


The regex is super secret :stuck_out_tongue:

However more seriously, if you’re trying to circumvent the forum software (of which almost all related options are off), and it’s not in R&R, you might want to rethink/rewrite what you’re saying.


Well I guess I l33t h@xx0r'd it, eh? :stuck_out_tongue: