What is everyone’s thoughts about the soon-to-be Released vision pro?

so this year at WWDC23 Apple introduced the all new “vision pro”, basically a VR headset with more glass so its more damageable with the somehow outdated M2 Chip and it might not run games and stuff, I do like how “visionOS’s” UI looks like and keep in mind they have rescheduled/delayed the release due to the front or “eyesight (iSight)” thingy not functioning well and that’s one of the reasons why Apple release pics of employees testing it out but they just be taking pics from the side. AND 3,499 DOLLARS.
(Gonna go broke if you buy it :sob::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:)

i feel like the quest 3 has the same features


A regular glass is already expensive :skull:


even the titanium! so apple makes negative profit on iPhones!

this shit mid

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why are telling us the same shit we already know :sob::sob::pray:t4::pray:t4:

i’m probably gonna get a PICO4 or a Pimax Portal instead of a Quest 2 or Vision Pro

quiest 2 is obslete soooo
*thows quest 2 in garabge
buys quest 3