What if we install Windows 98 on modern hardware? Lets just try it!

I have a new computer(a laptop wich cannot read CD-ROM drive or DVD drive, just USB), so I recently started to feel a kind of nostalgia. And I asked to me; what if I try to install Windows 98 SE on that laptop into a USB?; Then I searched in youtube and yay! I found a video from a guy who install Windows 98 SE on a laptop and the harddisk of the Windows 98 was the USB and not the harddisk, I didn’t really understand that video. And now I have the meta, this meta of installing Windows 98 on my new laptop but not with my hard disk, because I want that the USB make the work of being the HardDisk, please, everyone help me! Lets everyone think how we can do to this to everyone try. I don’t know, it probably could help us to be better developers or Computer Science students! Just help me if you want and if you guys help me, thanks!


someone on youtube already tried to install windows 98 on a thinkpad from 2017. it didnt end well to say the least

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Yes, yes I said that I saw that video, but lets try to make it by our own and not following he!

maxime is doin that lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Depends how modern, what model of computer?

Its a hp stream laptop 14 with 2 usb 3.0 and 1 usb 2.0 with 1.0 compatibility

It just won’t work, it’s way too new

Things like UEFI and secureboot kill all chances

Well, I activated legacy mode and desactivated secure boot.

youll also need to convert the hardrive to mbr

I did it with rufus when I burned the hardrive to work with FreeDos and Windows 98

You can’t use Rufus to change to MBR, you have to use diskpart

Are you sure? Because it actually work for my, I can boot the Hardrive with FreeDos now.

Rufus is for formating images external drives

However, instead of formating the hardrive(USB 1.0)with rufus’s FreeDos. FreeDos perfectly works!

There is a very explanatory tutorial on how to do this, and I already managed to do it but it is in Portuguese. Link:https://computadorcomwindows.com/2017/04/23/tutorial-como-instalar-o-windows-98-numa-pen-usb-ou-cartao-de-memoria/

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