What if we can make an instant messenger that uses the Escargot server and can connect to Skype & Facebook?

I wonder if we can make an instant messenger like WLM that uses the Escargot server and can connect to Skype and Facebook. :thinking: Any ideas? Lemme know.


What exactly do you mean? That the IM would have MSN, Skype, and Facebook support all-in-one? If so, pretty interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I and someone by the name of @WindowsXPCat2008 did have this idea months ago (by that I mean that we thought of the same thing on our own terms lol), but just that it would connect to the Skype service, all the while masquerading a MSN/WLM-esque look. Not just by window skins, but also by emoticons, user icon displays, and the like. Wouldn’t really help the fact that Skype as a whole is lackluster in terms of features, but it isn’t too bad of a concept for a program, either.

Yeah, man. Somethin’ like that. :wink: An instant messenger that allows people to add Skype & FB contacts into their contact lists.

Welp, it seems that Skype and Facebook never had any interop deals going on. The closest to that would be Facebook utilizing Skype’s video technology in 2011 for their instant messenger before ditching it in 2015 and the ability to log in to Skype with your Facebook account, which has since been discontinued on January of 2018 for “streamlining purposes.”

Perhaps this concept is less fruitful than we had expected.

True, man. :slight_smile:

yet people still live with accounts with service: prefixes.

like guest: