What happened to this buttons?

What happened to tha buttons on WLM

Shared folders, My space (i think), Call button and mobile button, What happened (and Windows Live Today)

Edit: is “My space” button, not “groups”

1: not implemented (like us getting a file server? no chance.)
2: dead
3: slammed into it’s grave
4: read above

Sharing folders?

You’re lucky! :stuck_out_tongue:

The calls don’t work. The mobile icon I think it’s for starting a mobile conversation window with that contact (idk what’s or why’s that). In windows 8 and 7 there’s a “Shared folders” folder but I don’t know what is it for. and the other icon may be for starting a group convo


(i had it disabled and gone by using TweakUI [The super old 2001 version].)

yup. That’s that

Yea, i know

above ^

in windows 10 it doesn’t appear :frowning:

i thought i already renamed the Computer icon to “Mai Computer”

(Wait you meant “My”?)

Here it appears well sometimes …

CatMessenger gets rid of those buttons since they aren’t all working yet and take up space.