What happened to the Emotiworld site?

While I’m not an extreme fan of @Old_Bill’s software, someone brought to my attention the fact that the site for Emotiworld, which also contained the download links to Emoticon Creator, was overridden with a generic adware search page that also tries to load a bunch of tracking JavaScript along with some anti-AdBlock Plus JavaScript, from what I can tell.

But even accessing the 000a.biz domain itself returned the same page.

So after searching up the domain on Google, I clicked on the cached 000a.biz links from when it wasn’t overridden, and they were overridden as well, while also learning that it was another one of those sketchy “free” web hosting providers.

So I could conclude from two possible answers:

  • The site got hacked.
  • The 000a.biz domain was parked.

Doing a Whois on 000a.biz reveals that the domain was in fact parked.

Web hosting provider can’t even keep up with paying the domain for their own service. Irony at its best. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why you should NEVER use free web hosting providers that look and sound sketchy. They might be, and when they can’t keep up, every site and its files on there will be obliterated or inaccessible, just like with @Old_Bill and his 2 pieces of software, Emotiworld and Emoticon Creator.

However, if you’re looking for Emoticon Creator, Bill was kind enough to offer MediaFire links to both the installer and ZIP file for it, so it’s just Emotiworld that’s unavailable for download.


Well its sad. :frowning:

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i hate domain parking server

It’s a shame the site’s gone. :frowning:

I’m glad I never hosted my site on one of those shady services. Hopefully @Old_Bill will see this post and realise that his site has disappeared.

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i did notice this and thanks for pointing it out. i believe the host 000a.biz was parked, the only problem is that all of my pages are stored in the host and i don’t think i have them stored anywhere in my computer to move to another host but i will see…

If you do find them, good luck in restoring everything back in perfect order.
If not, however, hopefully you can find time to whip up some replacement pages (or get someone to do it for you) and find a place to host your site back up.

Either way, always remember to store local backups of everything LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks, it is fine. it is not like the first time something like this happens. i’m used to disasters lol

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what was emotiworld?


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like you can download custom emoticons or is it the creator

Yes it creates custom emoticons

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i have it :slight_smile: