What games you play normally?

Hi, im new for this fórum, but not new of the mechanics of the fórums, i already in some fórums like “Chicken Invaders Universe” Fórum, so, i Will knew some mechanics of this one, i hope to enjoy it with all active users here.

CIU Fórum Account to know more about me


Going in topic….

I normally play Deluxe Snake, chicken invaders series, roblox, jardinais 1/2, DX Ball Series, Piggly, Platypus, Sonic Series, and some space shooters.

What games you normally play?

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I normally play: Some Snake game, roblox and minecraft sometimes

give me Deluxe Snake Link?

This is the link where i downloaded it: https://en.freedownloadmanager.org/Windows-PC/Deluxe-Snake-FREE.html

Oh thanks

cs:go :blush:

minecraft, tf2, and gmod are what i play the most

Nowadays I don’t have too much free time, but as I can I often play Minecraft, CS:GO or 1.6. My favourite game is Tremulous btw.


Photoshop (yes.) FIFA 21 (will buy it) Sonic GB Mario Kart 64 Splatoon Super Smash Flash SBCG4AP
Lego Island Tux Racer SuperTux Steam Origin…

i tend to play a lot of tony hawk’s underground pro, CS:S, tony hawk’s american wasteland and quake 1

there’s way more than that but that’s all i can really mention

I play Roblox and Finobe even Riff Racer, I also got an HP X900 mouse for my laptop

Gather,Battle. truly idiot. I use a DRM Free version

I play Minecraft