What are your pieces of physical software?

Here, I’ll start: This is a sealed Romanian Windows XP Service Pack 2 OEM copy. (I don’t actually know what OEM tho, lol)

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Welp ig you would have to open it to discover lol
(*don’t pls)

I would certainly not lol

i have a sealed copy of adobe CS6 Master Collection and my sister bought it for something but never installed or used it its still sealed!


Windows XP Professional SP2 full / Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x86/x64 Upgrade.

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it’s cool for like collection but don’t open it, it WILL become even more useless

adobe deactivated CS6 activation

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A Physical PC copy of FIFA 15

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No it still works

no it doesn’t

Yes it does

I have a installer and another adobe account and it works (if u choose the sucscrivtion option)

you don’t mind if you can help me activate