What are your opinions on Windows 10?

Here is my opinion: its shit. It’s not as eye catching as XP or 7. Heck I prefer windows vista to 10. Windows 10 no longer contains the good games and apps that came with older versions of windows, Microsoft is WAY more controlling in windows 10, come to think of it, they have asked permission to track personal things too… Sorry I just had a “rant” on how shit windows 10 is, windows 10 just caused me to blow a fuse, that’s all


Vista was a Good OS if the UAC wasn’t here.

my personal opinion…
ngl it suckz azz…
windows defender iz moar annoying on there
each update iz worse than da lazt
plus idk why but windows 10 has a shitty performance on my pc at leazt
paint 3d was fine i guess tho
but it still haz a lot of unnecesary apps imo (?

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it’s really shit. Yea, Windows 10 more modern but, it’s have a lot bugs.My opinion- best system it’s Windows Vista (cuz it’s have very cool advertisement :stuck_out_tongue:)

my opinion is use windows 7! its better than 10 also use longhorn IF YOUR A XP FANTIC!


My opinion: The speed is worse than any other OS, the taskbar with just 2 colors, Taskbar can just modify by 1 color, less customizable than 7, Vista, XP and 98SE, the old apps not work (sometimes even with otvdm), the games “bundled” are not by microsoft, but btw 8.1 is the only to get updates, it 8.1 ends, and get just 10 by times and times, sure, the only windows should be 10, but I hope 8.1 not ends at 2023, but 2026, the compatibility is the “best” for new things, compatible ONLY, with 2020ish Mega Power Gamer (Ryzen 8) PCs, it boots fast with SSD (like any other), boots slower than 8.1 [(OOF the 8.1 boots in 15 seconds or less)Ok actually vista booted like a flash on startup in setup], Forcing things to go with 10 is like… Really Exagerated (I hope they continue with windows, not just 10)

The requirements are really outdated (Vista ones), in reality, the specs of Windows 10 Minimum and recommended are:

Recommended (with some optimization tweaks):
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Intel Core i3 5100k Series
4GB RAM (x64)

Minimum (with ALL optimization tweaks):
Intel Celeron (some)
2GB RAM (x32)
Intel Graphics (just a few) (Not HD Graphics)
And can load flawsly because of the GPU


And that hate polemic of 10, started all when Bill Gates quit Microsoft in 2014, during he’s 10 creation

Q/A Extras: [Dylan] Says: Microsoft is WAY more controlling in windows 10
Me: Pure truth
Dylan: they have asked permission to track personal things too
Me:Like Chrome too: Google Chrome is tracking you: Here's what you can do about it - Clark Howard

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there was a way to disable it, but almost no one knew it (maybe)

Windows 10 was better. Considering how messy the development is…
I just got myself an SSD, starting at april update 2018, windows runs like shit on HDD.
But i have no option, if i ever want to move. Windows works fine enough for me, so i don’t have much to complain. I know the development is shit, specially that putting newer code into something old just doesn’t work.

but I hope 8.1 not ends at 2023, but 2026

Maybe this will happen, but only for enterprise users, not sure. Microsoft did extended the support for Windows 7 for those who have paid them. They get security updates until 2023. If they decide to do the same for Windows 8.1, it will most likely end up being only for enterprise users getting updates until 2026.

I think it’s… alright I guess? It just sucks so much that it lacks any kind of personality, I know we never really know what we’re gonna be nostalgic about, but I seriously cannot see myself ever looking back at windows 10 and thinking “wow I really miss that soulless boxy look that everything had”

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oh, but I hope do a thing what we happens on 7, the ESPatch

yeah, doing that since 1984, just making renews and renews, instead of recreate the entire Windows NT. (or also poorly known as CE. ME. NT.)

my opinion on windows 10 is…

Uninstall it and put Linux Mint

this is what happened when i tested Windows 10, it just don’t work for me and the way that i USE computer, i relly hate the ideia of the fullscreen thinguies that apper when the system is asking for your damn microsoft account and stuff, also the ideia of something running on the background using almost 100% of the hardware is just too crasy for me (windows update aways does that on my computer, consumes 100% of everything even on newer versions) since i have no choice for running an updated windows operational, i have choose linux because it is more ease to use than windows and it don’t start using 100% of your computer on the background and it also don’t come with bloated apps (like cortana for example), since i changed from Windows to Linux my life became much better and easy.


And I’ve changed to 8.1

I could go to linux, but i honestly don’t want to waste time having to learn open-source solutions. I do use adobe premiere pro for my videos sometimes, and some games that i play, ex. Phasmophobia, do requires the voice recognition pack from Windows 10, which isn’t avaliable for linux due to being Microsoft Proprietary stuff. And yet, i don’t find worth to format my SSD and neither convert my drive with all my data to ext4 or smth. As i said, 10 works enough for me, and i am not wasting my time doing this. MAYBE i can consider this decision at some point, but for now, i stick with it. If it works, i am not gonna bother, despite the development being messy as heck.

Windows 10 is trash, full up BS Updates & unuseful stuff. Windows Vista, 7 and XP are way better. but we all know deep in the heart good ol’ 98 is the best.

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win10 is garbage, if u *need* to use it then install LTSC
no bloatware, no telemetry, way less frequent feature updates, etc


Speaking in Windows 10 LTSC, they recently announced that they will reduce the support time from 10 years to 5 years, but it does not affect LTSB 2015/2016 and LTSC 2019.