What are your favorite PC Games

What is your favorite PC game? or Games.
Mine are, Metro 2033, 2034, Crysis, FarCry, Counterstrike, Half-Life, etc.

My favorite that I played: Half-Life (I tried Counter-Strike 1.6 in Wine, but didn’t work)
My favorite that my friend Nakula played: Detroit Become Human, GTA 5, The Crew, Just Cause 4 and Assasin Creed.


Minecraft or Halo 2. I can’t decide

Five Nights at Freddy’s saga

My favorite games:

Battlefield 1942-3, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (and Modern Warfare Remastered), MW2, MW3 (i didn’t buy mw 2019 yet), COD World at War, BLACK OPS, COD Black Ops II, Counter-Strike, GZDoom + Doom (all of them), Half-Life (all of them, i didn’t play alyx yet cuz i don’t have a VR), Minecraft, Roblox, Quake (all of them except Quake Champions), Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA 4 and it’s DLC, GTA 5.
and Half-Life alyx just released and around almost 10.000 people (edit: 11K+) are currently playing it.
including PewDiePie:

(srsly why everyone play this game in part 1 like bullsh!t)

thats all.

Postal 2, Classic Doom games and WADs (GZDoom), Sims 3, Plants vs. Zombies, and Team Fortress 2.

SCP: Contaiment Breach and Secret Laboratory, Battlfield 3 and 4, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Fallout 3, FarCry 1 and 2, and… Microsoft Flight Simulator :stuck_out_tongue:

NFSU to Carbon, GTA III to SA, Half-Life, Flight Simulator, Burnin’ Rubber Games, Sims, Sim City and a lot more :stuck_out_tongue:

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since i dont have favorites i can just say i sink in too much time into tower unite, terraria and cs
but half-life’s pretty rad i guess.

i dont have favourites games too.
my games is the all saga of command & conker, portal, garrys mod, burnout paradise and touhou.

I have a lot of favourites.

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Quake
  • Half-Life series
  • DOOM series
  • GTA IV
  • Minecraft
  • L4D series
  • CS games [Yup, all of them.]
  • Postal Series
    …and Insurgency.
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An old PopCap game that I really like: Insaniquarium Deluxe

roblox, peggle dx, Angry Birds, and seasons

Five nights at freddy’s saga, Team fortress, COD, Doom, GD and Battlefield 5 and 1. Those are my favorite.

Fall Guys, R o b l o x, CS 1.6 and GO, Fortnite, etc

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Roblox and minecraft and etc

ew fnaf

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