What about Windows Vista on old MacBook Pro 2010?

So, i was interested: “What about to install Vista on my 2010’s MacBook Pro?”, cos i started to be interested in nostalgia once again, so that would be cool. But there is one problem - the firmware’s version i have installed does not support legacy BIOS support, so i started with WinNTSetup and generating EFI bootloader as myself. The installation was successful, but the OS won’t boot. The default loader just starting glitching, and, if i go to the EFI Shell and execute “bootmgr.efi” by myself, it just says “0xc000000F, unknown error”. So i think that we’re have users with old MacBooks, so i need help :blush:

Windows 8 fixed a lot of EFI bugs, but 7 has decent EFI support.

Don’t think that is possible.