What about making MG versions of subreddits

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god no


why would we need a subreddit when we have this forum

No point. There’s already the site itself and the Discord, so there’s no chance in hell a subreddit would gain much activity.

r/MessengerGeek could be used by banned people to “ban evade”.

I dont mean MG subreddtis

I mean subreddits on MG

we already have those

I mean like those threads

r/softwaregore MG version
r/sbubby MG version
r/crappyoffbrands MG version


People can littearly go to reddit and go to these subreddits to share that.

No need for MG versions.

what kind of dumb shit is this

God please no
BTW I am finally back

N o p e.

it’s been too long

Or maybe, pedrox got terminated on reddit for being underage and just wants a version of those subreddits, or he watched too many god awful reddit videos from the same 3/4 channels.

Kids make dumb ideas that will never become reality.



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I didnt

Plus, its fine, i respect ur opinions, but i think it’ll be nice