What about making a Escargot website concept?

Well, i’m thinking into making a Version of Escargot website based on the Windows Live 2009 website, what you guys think about it?

Yes or no? (idk how to make a poll ._.)

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I made the poll for you :wink:

  • Yes
  • No

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our current website is fine as it is and im sure valtron will do as he desires but no one can stop you from doing a concept

hmm, that’s an tie… i will just do a preview so you guys can see it

Inspect Element is stupid

The website can’t display correctly on Serpent
But it can on IE9

anyways for who wants the link: https://escargotpreview.000webhostapp.com/

Lol your mshtml is broken. Also you forgot to change the url of the file so it calls a local file. :laughing:

well, i didn’t make the other pages, and i did put the links to the actual website so if Maigol accept it, he doesn’t need to modify the HTML

Demo page doesn’t work for me - https://i.imgur.com/wtmzgl7.png

he messed up with his html, somehow?

use IE

but have some errors

The magic of broken MSHTML makes the page junk…

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The wave style. It’s a copyrighted png and not allowed to use on another site. Is it true? (Just asking) :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know but have big chances to be truth

i don’t think so https://kosfurler.wixsite.com/livestore