Welcome to MessengerGeek

Welcome to the MessengerGeek forum!

Get started

You can go back to the front page and click on any topic to read.  Just scroll down to read the messages.

** Starting a topic **

You will need to log in to the forum before you can create a topic.  Press the blue Log In button at the top-right to begin.  You don’t need to create a specific username and password for this forum, you can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Github accounts instead.

Once you have logged in, return to the front page and click Create Topic.

** Getting help with a problem **

  • Try to be detailed about what you’re trying to do and describe the result
  • Press “show details” (or similar options) and mention the error code that is shown
  • Indicate what version of Messenger and Windows you’re using
  • Include a screenshot of your screen - click the Upload button or press Ctrl-G to include an image in your post
  • For help taking screenshots, visit Microsoft’s instructions (choose your Windows version in the corner) or www.take-a-screenshot.org