Website Idea

I’m planning to create a classic forum board, in my native language to get friends. The whole idea would be to recreate the feeling of the 2000s internet, so 25+ year olds would be the target audience.

  • There won’t be any modern social media links allowed (Facebook, Twitter). I honestly think these destroyed alot of communities and made the internet worse.
  • No real names allowed.
  • No real photos about the user allowed. These two points is to help people to give their true nature.
  • Only way to contact somebody would be the Escargot Messenger, e-mail and private messaging only.

The board would be absolute generic in subjects, movies, everyday life, creative & hobbies, IT etc except politics, it would be strictly forbidden. If the idea would work, I would organise meet ups with the community, for example LAN parties, tea house meetings, etc.

Do you think this idea is viable to build an active community? If yes, what would you also add, to recreate the old times? If not, why do you think this is a bad idea?

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You may find the audience you are looking for but due to the current… climate of the internet and its now huge userbase i doubt it would go well
Do you mean something similar to


This is the first time i hear about that webpage, but it looks interesting. Not that deep and professional level, but I try to restore a piece of an era where meeting a person online had a bit of a mystery and not an open book.

The age of the forum boards and MSN was the golden age of internet for me. You didn’t get a reply in an instant, you had to go to school and wait until you arrive home and read what’s waiting for you. When somebody added you it was always an exciting event, not an open book you can read immediately online. I miss those times you know. I know this is over and never coming back, but if only i could get a few dozen of people into what i’m planning we could keep a piece or that era alive.

It will not be international, but national only, for my country. Creating a board does not require too much of a technical knowledge, but i don’t know whether people would be still interested. Also i’m in trouble how to reach people to know about this in the future as well.

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Suena interesante, pero necesitas encontrar público que acuda. Así no termina en otro proyecto muerto, mucho éxito! :stuck_out_tongue:

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hell yes, I would visit this everyday, a recommendation is to allow escargot msn and AIM Phoenix names on profiles so we can contact people via those services