Web-helper services in 2021

Who have a PC in 90’s should remember a services, who help with basic internet actions (work with email, search in web, chatting and etc.). I have a logic question in 2021: where all it? except MSN Explorer, who requires a money just for services!

I remember, Windows 98 have online folders, where collected this programs. know it have: AOL installer, Prodigy installer, AT&T installer and others (i think)

Alive this services, and if not, have we a modern free solution?

i dunno, but we frenchies had compuserve and FranceTelecom on our windows 98.

that’s ISP, right?

oh, actually, i forget about important feature: basically it work with dial up only, or better than other ways

it’s dial up i think. just put a french version of windows 98 on a VM
Microsoft Windows 98 [en] [fr] - Win3x.Org and choose Windows 98 Premiere Edition.

how’s the software?

average dial up afaik