Web browser on WLM

First of all, I don’t know if this topic is on the right category, so I’m apologizing in advance.

LONG STORY BEHIND THE QUESTION: While using WLM I noticed that there are some tabs where you can access some websites without leaving WLM, which is awesome. The main problem here is that it uses the old (and hated by 99% of web developers) IE 11, which is currently outdated. Some websites don’t work properly, ie. YouTube have a warning saying that the browser is outdated, and in general have a very poor performance. Some websites doesn’t work at all with IE, ie. Spotify, which has it’s tab removed due this problem.

THE QUESTION IS HERE: Does anyone knows any way tho use a different web browser inside the WLM? It can be any updated browser like Chromium or Firefox

unfortunately, no. the way it was coded is to use Internet Explorers engine to load websites.

Oh, too bad. Thanks anyway

Well there may be somebody out there who has reverse-engineered WLM and has the skills to switch it out for a Chromium-based engine.

That’s what I’m hoping to. I know this is not escargot’s team priority, but it would be nice anyway