We need to create a Escargot Server for Xbox and Xbox 360

We need to create a Escargot server for Xbox and Xbox 360, like a Windows Media Center Xbox Revival, or a System-Link Multiplayer server for Xbox and 360! if you ask why: Why not!? :smiley:

+ = A great combination revived!

If anyone wants to contact me, do it via MSN Messenger: urdanetaa19@gmail.com



Why not ? I’m sure it will be a great idea !

will give me an excuse to hook up my old 360

Hold on a second, Andreso. And first of all, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea.
as previously said (not by me and not in this thread), first we need to finish the main prject: Revive Messenger. There’s still a long way until it’s fully finished. THEN we can start making extras and bonuses.
I think it would be cool (too bad I don’t have a Xbox/Xbox360), but I also think we need to take stuff step by step; everything at its given moment :slight_smile: I hope you respect my opinion as I would respect yours.

EDIT: I remembered what I was wanting to say with the picture:
What you proposed was an extra. We don’t actually NEED an xbox extension of escargot msn, we WANT it.


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Hey! you stealed my posting signature idea! :expressionless:


And, this ideas are only for a future, for that is called Suggestions, not “Put this thing RIGHT NOW!!!” Suggestions are Suggestions (xD) that are showed to a dev team or person to see how improve the service with that idea, is a idea used for future, not right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Escargot for the Xbox would be really cool, but we do already have Xbox Live to chat on there. How exactly would you get it on there? I know there is an app store on the Xbox, but it doesn’t look like anybody can upload an app to there.

Was there an MSN or Windows Live Messenger client for the Xbox 360 in the past? I think there is a Skype version for it.

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