We have xbox and dreamcast... now we need playstation and nintendo

We have :xboxone: and :dreamcast: but not playstation or nintendo?

Trekkie i await

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here’s the true question, where the heck is tivo/hj

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Look again :slight_smile:
(more coming too)

:nswitch: :playstation:

would have been more fitting to put the GC/N64 logo. fits better with the PS logo.

:gamecube: :n64: :playstation:

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iirc tivo is the german company that had a red swirl logo
that was the reason why European dreamcast had a blue swirl

We could have something like the Original Xbox logo, the SNES logo, maybe atari, the DS Logo, Amiga, Commodore, ZX Spectrum, or the classic The classic apple logo.
(these are all just suggestions)

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thats tivola not tivo

oh ok
i might have misrembered since those names are similar

you should add more, here is the list:

  • atari
  • SNES
  • original xbox logo
  • DS and 3DS
  • european dreamcast
  • cammandore 64
  • zx spectrum
  • playstation logo (black and white color)
    if trekie does this, he deserves an oscar :smile: + deserves as the best mod of MG everyday
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