[WE ARE CHANGING HOST] Escargot MSN Emoticons Website

Hello, since i want to be something useful to the MSN community, i’ve made a website where you can see most of emoticons from MSN and when you want to make an emoticon you don’t remember, you can go there.


althrought most of the emoticons images are not uploaded, don’t worry, in 2 days it will be probably complete.

EDIT: The website got updated and now it got a nice UI, thanks @yellows111.
Here’s a screen of this:

EDIT 2: A 2011 emoticons page will come soon. thanks @Megadeth58 for the 2011 emoticons files. Probably coming soon in 1 day :wink:

EDIT 3: WLM 2011 Emoticons page is almost done. Again thanks @yellows111 :wink:
In some minutes, a sneak peek should appear.

EDIT 4: After 1 day of waiting, me and @yellows111 are releasing WINDOWS LIVE 2011 EMOTICONS PAGE!
There will be another page because the 2011 emoticons are too much.
OOPS, i forgot to give the link and a screen! (emoticons are getting uploaded)

And… here’s the link!
Unfortunately, we changed the host.
Please, do not go anymore in the old url and go in the new one.


Oh, thanks for that! :wink:

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i’ll try to get the images, i’ll may post it in zip format.

the images need to be in .gif format and in correct name as the page needs like 44_44.gif it cant be changed

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why is there “girl.gif” then?

its a missing emoticon image, i think i have that

anyway if you can give me a favicon for the website, its the most needed thing

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do you want a MSN icon or messenger (with/without MSN Butterfly) icon.

For Favicon only use the Butterfly of MSN

i want a favicon.ico for the website (only butterfly, no msn writing)

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no as in the MSN butterfly or Messenger icon, with or without the butterfly?

with the butterfly, anyway i’m almost done with the icons :smiley:

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@yellows111 wanna be credited for this or not?

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helping you do this HTML page

go steal my I’M emoticon lol.

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Great work bro! :slight_smile:




if you come online, i need a zip of the emoticons folder.

it’s just… i’m ahead of the UI development, i’ve remade the old UI, changed the Help links to Escargot Spaces and this thread respectivly, also try to guess what the MSN Messenger button does , (these emoticons feel better than EmojiOne sometimes…)

my version is Good-to-go, however i don’t have the emoticons needed to really send it to you as a package.

Nevermind: i downloaded all of the emoticons manually, it looks ready to send out.

It’s done.
it’s got links to not broken websites, the old style, the icon, the credit text (I moved the powered by hoster down there, since it was in the way of the text.) overall, pretty much what you wanted.



Your awesome dudeee

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can we apply the new style after 16:00 UK? (4PM to others btw.)