Watch out with a old Virus of Messenger, could be back anytime


Worm_VB.CXC is a old Virus, Attacked from 2007 until Microsoft replaced Messenger with Skype, but this worm could be back anytime, the most famous method of propagation is from a message with the file: If any person send this file, Refuse the file!
Are warned
If anyone wants to talk with me in Messenger, here is my mail: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for letting us know. it’s always appreciated to know these delicate information about bad things which could ruin the fun of using msn messenger.


I saw it in VictorMontoya’s vid…


Because that is my source of information… :wink:


Just don’t open executables from people you don’t know. It can technically be spread over Skype, Discord, Slack, any app that has file upload capability.

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OMG i got one too :frowning: : (42K)
it only changed it’s name to english :frowning:


Do not worry too much. If only old viruses are spread, ALL anti-virus will detect it normally, since these malwares are from the years 2000 until the maximum 2012.


i saw it too on victor montoya’s video


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