Warning to those who surf the internet


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I would to make this announcement as there is a new danger out there that has just hit the news articles. the new danger has a name to it. it’s called Fireball Adware. as you may think it’s not any danger to you. i suggest you think again and try to keep your protection software up to date. Many of the windows xp users may not be able to do that. protection for windows xp users is limited at this time and is getting worse day by day. Fireball adware is said to give access to the person behind the creation of it to all of what you are doing and even possibly take control over the computer system. here is the article of which I found this out from below.

if you have the new windows 10 and have it up to date also make sure anti - virus software has it’s definitions and scanning libraries up to date as well. keep all firewalls over your head as this can be spread through any site at any time day or night. keep your routers firewall up as well. if there is an update for the routers firmware then I suggest updating it as firmware is the software of the router itself which includes the firewall inside the router.

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Thanks for warning! I always leave the software and firmware of my devices up to date, I was updating the firmware of the router right now.


Merci à vous de nous avoir éclairé , je ne sais pas si je suis bien protégée j’ai Windows 8 et l’antivirus Windows Défender est inclus dans mon ordinateur je ne sais pas si il est fiable pour détecter ce genre de virus.

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Juste en avoir ces 2 n’est généralement pas suffisant. Des programmes antivirus tiers sont généralement nécessaires. Peut-être que Malwarebytes et zonealarm antivirus devraient aider.


Windows Defender est un virus très faible. Sur le recommander antivirus gratuit Avast, AVG ou Panda - car ils sont bien antivirus efficace. Sur l’antivirus recommande payés, Kaspersky, Bitdefender ou Norton. Et comme le dit @iGiftedSpade, un anti-malware comme Malwarebytes ou Zemana est une bonne option pour renforcer l’antivirus.


Merci à vous pour votre conseil sur les antivirus , je vais les tester.

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