Want to add me on escargot messenger?

Hi! I want to make plenty of friends and that’s why i want to be added as a friend or to add people. The thing is i had discord but now i cant use it (same phone number on multiple accounts and now it says that my number is invalid) and beacjse i was banned on escargot for acting like a child.

Feel free to add me!


Ok! talalalhumaidan@escargot.chat

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I added you!

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Add me alijazz@escargot.chat/alijazzali2009@outlook.com
Windows live messenger.:grin: @Dominic_Vlad

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Ok :grinning:

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My laptop whon’t turn on so I will can’t talk on windows live messenger @Dominic_Vlad


Please add me:


My acc got suspended :frowning:

Sad, why?

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Ohh that’s sad

btw I added you instead, just because I wanted to

Do you want to add me?

Yeah, I did add you just now
I need some friends on my new acc, as old one was deleted

(I’m laylaprismriver)

THX! I need some friends

No problem

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hola!!No puedo iniciar sesion en el messenger.Sabes como hacerlo?