Wanna join my WhatsApp group? 🙂

Even it seems like this is a pony group, but you still can chat anything! :smiley:


@TReKiE, wanna join? :relaxed:

Use telegram


I don’t quite want to use whatsapp as since you can’t hide your phone number, you should go by @ericzhang456 Idea using telegram, which lets you login in multiple devices (Web, Win, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS)


or discord or msn like a real chad

Once I thinking why WhatsApp is more popular than telegram?
Same for why Windows is more popular than Linux?

maybe… advertising? ¯_ (ツ) _/¯


Probably :slight_smile:
Do you use whatsapp BTW?

yea but I’m planning to delete it. I moved to telegram lol
EDIT: I’m using whatsapp for school stuff only

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Dang it :frowning:

I use whatsapp. but I use WLM and telegram more. Sorry bout that :frowning:

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If someone doesn’t use at least of the three : facebook, whatsapp or instagram… well congratulations on escaping Zuckerberg’s hole. If you NEVER JOINED one of these… brava!


I prefer staying with Wire

i might join when i geg a new phone i surely will

(for naw i use my mom phone)

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Thanks very much! :smiley:

Lol whatsapp, i do not use this garbage as “everyday messenger”, best alternative is telegram, cuz it isn’t limited, cloud-based storage (it means you have access to all chats and channels from all devices) and it’s just better so switch from the garbage to good messenger