Wanna join a group chat? WLM 2009 only.

Hello! Does anybody want to join my WLM 2009 group chat?
It is named “The Prismriver Church”,
A good place to talk with other people, play minigames, and doing voice conferences.
Any person can join, here is only one rule:

  1. Please don’t express any hate towards the members of this group. Doing so will get you removed from this group.
    You can add me on WLM at laylaprismriver@escargot.chat to find out more about the group. I’m waiting for you to join it :slight_smile:
    Drop your escargot address in the replies so I can add you

aggiungimi susyespo9292@escargot.chat e il mio account

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I want to join!!! daniardevelopers@escargot.chat

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eu ja madei convites pra vcs agora so vc me aceitar tabom mais sim quizer tambem mandar convites pra vcs ai eu aceito esse meu msn douglasnunes1@escargot.chat

I’d be down to join!

I’d like to join!


I’d like to join too!


please add me - Heyslick1@escargot.chat

Add me please! irechan@escargot.chat

add me!


Just learned about this site, This is sweet!

Add meee hope@escargot.chat


we are sorry, this group has been deleted!
I may remake it, at some point.