Wanna guess what the clowns at Danki Code just did?

TL;DR - Danki Code made 4 new rushed services, and this is a general overview of them, coming from your Brazilian Anti-Nationalist

If you guys don’t know (you most likely don’t), Danki Code is Brazil’s largest independent tech company, they do online courses, websites and some other stuff (I have a lifetime plan for their courses, which i’d def recommend if you’re in Brazil)

But a couple days ago, they did something… odd
Over the past couple of months, they made a group inside their company called “Danki AI Labs”, as the name implies, it’s just them jumping on the AI hypetrain.

And over the past 3 months, they have made FOUR NEW SERVICES!

I’ll summarize them

Each costing 40 to 200 reais a month (or 450 to 1000 reais a year)

And just yesterday, in CLASSIC Danki Code fashion, they’re doing a “limited time” Lifetime Plan for all 4 of these AI services, and all of their future AI services, for 1000 reais one time

But honestly, pretty much all of those things are pretty useless to me, here’s why:

You can make litterally everything you can make for free, here’s a list:

  • ChimeraGPT: 100% FREE OpenAI API, that you can also use to create & train your own AI model
  • A Jailbreak called CoDev that you can use to make coding on ChatGPT 10x better
  • Writing eBooks & Copywriting don’t even need Jailbreaks, just be smart with the prompt

Even then, while being useless for me, i do see a market for these services, not a good one, but still valid

And that is the useless Brazilian Nationalists who insist on being stuck with only speaking Portuguese and is completely blind to proper statistics and don’t know shit about computing

And for that market, Danki AI Labs’ products are valid, considering you won’t find all these things if ur stuck with Portuguese
And that’s probably it to be honest

If you guys want to buy this (even though i don’t recommend it considering you read through this), the link is here
If Danki Code takes it down i’ll be impressed, considering they have been doing the same shit for their courses for over a year

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August 28th, 2023

So… i found out that their website promoting this lifetime AI plan, litterally has a fake count down timer right at the top

This is some shit you’d see in a DB2 website, not from the largest independent Brazilian tech company

Well I’m glad the courses are good, because this latest offering all sounds so shady.

AI chat bots, fake marketing timers, and quick copy generators are one thing, but building an entire platform that generates entire eBooks for money with marketing telemetry? If the English translation is accurate, they are promoting this as, “perfect for independent authors.”

I can’t even imagine how much work it would be to fact-check/correct AI for an entire eBook.

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Absolute facts
Honestly, if it’s fiction/made up stories, i don’t mind that much, but writing history books is shady as fuck

This sounds like some crap you’d see from DB2, not from Brazil’s largest independent tech corp
This is why i say every day that if you are stuck with Portuguese, you CANNOT get into IT if you are in Brazil

The only market i can see this actually working is exactly that, the brazilian nationalist who insist on not trying to learn English, if you know English, this shit is as useless as Discord Nitro Basic

History but also guides and instructions too. A result of AI eBooks:

Describing such guidebooks as “the deadliest AI scam I’ve ever heard of…the authors are invented, their credentials are invented, and their species ID will kill you.”

(No direct attribution to anything from Danki Code/Brazil though.)

They definitely haven’t considered the ethics of this at all.