Voice Clips are fully operational on Escargot


I would like to inform the Escargot Users in case they dont know, that voice clips are working on all versions of MSN clients that support this feature.

Official Escargot Tester.


They don’t work for me :frowning: it says “An error happened while connecting to the server”


Do you have 7.5 patched???


Mmmm, nope. I have 7.0 because 7.5 won’t let me sign in



go there find your native language and downlaod 7.5 pre-patched,



did you uninstall your 7.0 and then install 7.5??


yes, I did that


try to make a password reset --> https://escargot.log1p.xyz/forgot

are you sure youre typing right???


Yes, I’m completely sure I typed the password correctly. And even I tested 7.5 in a Virtual Machine with Windows XP, where it worked.


try a password reset in the link i wrote

  1. Try to type your email address in lower case… your first “C” is capitalized.

  2. Downlaod this tool and copy/paste the log here: https://gitlab.com/valtron/msn-server/uploads/6f29cda98eeb051c5d789babd5fa70e6/Escargot-Troubleshooter-1.2.zip


vídeo calling Works too ( with 7.5 Works )