Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 10

I want to run Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 10 to run the Windows Mobile 2003 SDK. How? Can someone at least give me a link to the Visual Studio 2005 installer?

Ermmm… Hello?

hummm… visual studio 2003

where you founded Windows Mobile 2003

god damn man have some patience, when I post on my King thread I don’t expect an answer immediately. you shouldn’t either

from microsoft’s website

link plz

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Edit: It doesn’t work.

I need it for free.

i heard of a bay of pirates that might help you…mind you, piracy is illegal, so I don’t condone it

Who have Visual Studio Download?

I think Microsoft took it down from the public, but I think I still managed to get the link ('05 version, not the '08 version, though how come you wouldn’t want to use the '08 version?)

is this what you were looking for? (caution: clicking the link brings up the installer itself)

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omg thx can u get more where that came from lol

so uh yea

my apologies, didn’t know the '08 version wouldn’t run that