Vista meets Windows XP: VistaXP

VistaXP is a customized operating system based on Windows XP Professional SP3. It incorporates various software and features to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the system.

To bring some of the features of newer Windows versions to Windows XP, VistaXP includes the Alky for Applications compatibility library and the One-Core API. Alky for Applications allows certain Windows Vista and Windows 7 applications to run on Windows XP, expanding the range of software that can be used on the system. The One-Core API, a set of APIs introduced in Windows 7 and later versions, provides additional functionality and compatibility to Windows XP.

In terms of web browsing, VistaXP includes Opera 36 and Internet Explorer 8. Opera 36 is the last version of the Opera browser that officially supported Windows XP, providing a modern browsing experience. Internet Explorer 8, a widely used browser during the Windows XP era, offers compatibility with various websites and web applications.

The visual aspect of VistaXP is enhanced with the Longhorn Diamond theme. This theme brings the sleek and stylish design elements inspired by the Longhorn project, which was the codename for Windows Vista during its development. The Longhorn Diamond theme offers a visually appealing and modern look to the Windows XP interface.

VistaXP is designed for x86 architecture, making it compatible with a wide range of hardware configurations. It provides users with an enhanced Windows XP experience, incorporating newer software, compatibility libraries, and a visually appealing theme. Whether it’s running newer applications, browsing the web, or enjoying a fresh visual design, VistaXP aims to bring a touch of modernity to the Windows XP platform.

Don’t worry about extended kernel, it has.

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Along with XP-BM Ultimate,VistaXP is discontinued as well.