VidLii seems to be dying, BitView is dead

I was visiting VidLii and i saw this…

Yes i know i did those shitty posts where i whined about VidLii but fuck those and forget about those.

The decline of VidLii could be because most of VidLii’s most known creators left the site. Like the RWJ guy left VidLii 5 months ago.

Meanwhile i decided to take a look at BitView on Alexa Site Rankings and what the fuck just happend?
You can see that BitView went rock bottom in Late-Decemeber 2018. oof.

Here are 3 comments i posted about the video

It seems that people just are no longer caring about VidLii due to all of the shit-drama. Remember… VidLii got also more attention during the Ali drama due to that drama wiki which then made a bad taste (kinda like chrischan all these years ago) It’s also because the creator of VidLii (jon or something like that) seems to be no longer interested in VidLii. Remember all the way back in Early-2018 when people were hyped for the VidLii 2.0 update? I’ve never heard any news since March. and VidLii’s userbase seems to be more foregin these months. It seems that BitView hit FUCKING ROCK-BOTTOM. Nobody’s even active on BitView… So i can maybe say that BitView’s dead. Although most of the foreign people just left VidLii and returned back to YouTube… In fact most mini creators temporarily moved to VidLii and then got back to YouTube or like me just left content creating entirely. If VidLii goes rock-bottom like BitView then there’s a risk that VidLii might just… close it’s doors… I have heard nothing about BitView these days…

strange, my browser can’t connect to vidlii :-/

It also appears that some people use VidLii to upload musics.image

I was going to make a new account and come back, but it seems like there’s no point. I honestly don’t like how BitView is in bad quality. Whether it’s intentional or not.

BitView isn’t managed anymore, BitView’s Player wont even load on Firefox anymore, even VidLii isn’t managed anymore, Last update was that the Featured video was randomized with a list of old 2017/2018 videos. It seems that the most recent videos are Spanish/Protoguese videos, Sometimes Old Roblox gameplays, reddit-quality shitposts. There’s atleast no new content for me.

It fells like if i got shadow-banned or like nobody is even on the site anymore, Me and @mdstumpfy123 tried to do some “marketing” for cloud software, the video quality was very shit i decided to only upload it to VidLii and YouTube, kinda hoping for someone to join. Nobody joined, according to YouTube. This 18 second video had the average view-time of 12 seconds, The invite appeared in the 13 second mark, So it means that people just sit in the intro and the mediocore animation just to exit and watch fortnite gameplay, But then, that was the first time i “advertised” on YouTube/VidLii, and maybe the last.

I was also planning for me or @mdstumpfy123 to create a improved ad for Vlare, but i gave up. I may do that one day, but i don’t fell like it.

I tried to shitpost by stealing someone’s video (It was that “dog remedy for washing” video that other guy found), I was hoping to get 100s of views and to get it featured. But nope, 10-20 views, nothing at all.

I planned to join Vlare and make videos there, but i only reuploaded a old Steamed Hams meme just in case if VidLii closed, i may upload more videos on that site, but i don’t care for PF94 and i’m busy with other stuff,

I don’t have any ideas for videos, especially that my demand before i unlisted everything (almost) were ethier mulitsource sparta remixes or crappy BFDI edits (one of them wasn’t even mine, i just changed the audio channel, the video channel was unaltered)

Thank you for the useful Necrobump, @AllySaurus

the site has a history of having the most toxic people on there. It should probably just shut down at this point. BitView should also shut the fuck down too

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It first started as a hobby, then lots of people joined due to some guy saying that “VidLii is 2005 YouTube!”. Then at least 75% of those people left because it was uninteresting.

However, Alexa seems to show that VidLii is somehow raising in popularity again.

However, It may be just new traffic from anons of 4chan, as the quality of the memes on VidLii seems to be fell straight outta /b/.

vidlii is another site which will fall under the same fate as any nostalgia-driven recreation project; it’s cool for a little while then people go back to reality and it fades in popularity until it dies


This. Take Finobe for example, The only people remaining are shitposters/4channers, simillar to VidLii.

Here’s the current rankings of VidLii, with the newer lamer layout of Alexa


It continues to die,

Meanwhile on BitView, everyone left, only a tiny fraction of the userbase is remaining.


Here’s the rankings of vlare


It appears that it’s starting to show signs of decline.

uh this has been since the start lol


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The body is the one

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