Videocalls on Escargot


Hello My friends,
Does anyone know if videocalls working???

Thanks :slight_smile:


As far as I know, not yet.


@Tasos_Anas They’re probably not working, but I don’t have a webcam to test with so I can’t say for sure.


I tried with someone, it didn’t work.


weird.i tried webcam with myself and it worked


that’s strange, last time I checked the “PremiumAV” URL (check MsgrConfig.xml) was down, since it did not have a valid SSL Cerf.


yeah I am right:


Why you use Windows Vista? :v


my only computer


Here you have, my friend, the Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate ISO 32/64 bits:


i don’t have a product key


you can’t exactly boot from a image


i don’t even have disk space to put it on a VM, you can’t mean, nooooooooooooooooooooooo… upgrade my real pc?

Editttttttt: Microsoft stopped doing the Free Windows 7 thing years ago, I hope to have a newer computer by the next year, I will keep this one, as it has some OLD stuff, i could dig in it’s hard drive and find something that could be important in the future, if i don’t have a computer, well… thats that.


I think it works. I tried it once


did what? you are not replying to a user.