Valtron has sent me a Email! 😃

I sended a Email to valtron, explaining to him the new things that has happened here while he not has here, like Escargot Spaces or Patchou or the bunch of new users, Noggy Shield, MSN Emoticons and MSN Software,, etc. (i will not post the valtron’s email, for avoid spamming) and he answered me this:

(Open the image in a new tab or the message will not be seen completely)

So, we know that valtron is still alive, and that.

If anyone wants to contact me, do it via MSN Messenger:


when he will come back?

I don’t know, he only answered me that and nothing more, and he does not specificates when he will come back, only says that he is busy

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check valtron’s GitLab profile, it’s really surprising, he’s only disappeared from the forums.

(Dross) XD

How did you make Outlook Express work today?

You can manually set up Outlook Express to use a POP3/IMAP and SMTP server of your choosing. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Luis_Leandro and is much better than actual Outlook program :wink:

cause its free and outlook 2016 is not free

Outlook 2016. That’s bundled with Office 365, a subscription version of the Microsoft Office suite. And somehow, Outlook is paid like the rest of the applications.

I’m lucky I bought a copy of Office 2003 off of eBay. :stuck_out_tongue: