[UTILITIES] Messenger Services and Corrections

Option 1: save all data (emoticons, profile photos and passwords) from MSN to transfer to other PCs
Option 2: corrections for dll from Plus! Live for use emotive sounds

Windows Live Services.rar (2,6 MB)


  • execute as administrator for use option 2, cause the copy of dll requires high privileges;
  • maybe your antivirus give an alert, if happens, allow execution;
  • translate for Portuguese (Brazil) from Plus! only for machines in pt_BR;

If you want verify, this is Project in Visual Studio with all resources and font codes :wink:

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Trapmine “malicious.moderate.ml.score”.

Do not download this file, can someone else test this?


fyi, Plus always gets detected as a virus; this is because it comes bundled with adware, the Installer tells you this and gives you a rather blunt option to not install it

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I wouldn’t trust stuff like this :slight_smile: personal opinion.

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Here is the font code:

CĂłdigo Fonte.txt (12,9 KB)

:slight_smile: false positive.

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you must specify that this stuff doesn’t work with MSN 7.5, it has to be WLM 8.1 or above. Because Plus for MSN 7.5 uses another DLL file

Plus! Live doens’t work with Messenger 7.5…
But ok, I’ll edit the information

exactly, you are giving the dll for Plus! Live, MSN 7.5 users like me uses Plus! an older version of Plus! and we use another DLL to correct the sounds server.

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I don’t know if I understand what you want say…
This an a idea to include your version,
or you executed this program and this gived problems for your Plus? :cold_sweat:

now, is compatible with Plus! 3 :heart_eyes:

awesome! great job :+1:

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This program has been updated…
Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: