Using the stock Windows Messenger that comes with XP

Is it possible to? I have 7.5 working already, but I wanted to try out that Windows Messenger thing XP comes bundled with, just for fun. When I click in sign in it tries to link a .net Passport account with my user account in XP, failing. Any way to skip all that and just input the email address as you normally would?

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go though the .net passport setup until you get to the end (and get <passportname> linked to your xp account.)
then restart windows messenger after doing the .net passport setup
should work depending on version
4.7.3009 must be downloaded pre-patched.

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That actually did it! Thanks a lot!

As a note, I have version 4.7.3001 and it has to be patched as well. I followed the instructions to patch version 5.0 - 6.2 and worked like a charm… Well, for how well Escargot works on XP anyway, which is known to be a bit uncooperative when trying to sign in. Still, after some tries it signs in and everything works.

Thanks again!

i meant 3001, apparently i was thinking of 4.7.2009 and .3001 at the same time

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