Using Pidgin as client for escargot?


Hi! I recently switched to Ubuntu and wanted to use WLM. So I downloaded Pidgin and tried to configure the ports and server and all that stuff, but I couldn’t find that information on the forum nor on the Escargot website. I also tried installing wlm with Wine, with 0 success


I have Lubuntu in a VM, I will try to connect.


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From looking at a copy of Pidgin 2.0 (not on Linux though), all MSN Messenger config is located inside libmsn.dll. Unfortunately, the authentication URLs are set up as the base URL and <request> /<path> separated from each other. So you’d have to edit the source files for Pidgin so that the MSN components connect to Escargot and then recompile it from the ground up. :stuck_out_tongue:


LibMSN is removed from newer Pidgin versions, however, we could make an external plugin to support MSNP(11)


Yeah. I was also thinking about forking libmsn (possibly call it libesg?) and creating plugins for both Pidgin and Kopete (both KDE and Trinity versions of the latter) to support those.

However, I don’t feel inclined to take up the challenge myself.

Msnp links