Using MSN Messenger to chat with WhatsApp contacts over whappirc or XMPP

Hey all, I wonder whether it were possible to somehow create an interobability between Messenger and WhatsApp Web, with the help of whappirc, an WhatsApp Web IRC-Gateway ( ): What we would need is an MSNP to IRC gateway, probably it would be best if it were serverside I guess. However, I’ve also read something about an beta-version of messenger that supports XMPP, this way users could just use an public IRC to XMPP-Gateway. Does anyone have any information about this, or any ideas on how to realize that?

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that would be good
most of my friends use whatsapp :stuck_out_tongue:

Messenger’s beta XMPP support you mention was on Microsoft’s server at the time, and was used only in a mobile client. it only existed for a brief period and is not implemented on Escargot.

With regards to IRC, although there’s an incomplete IRC gateway in one of the Escargot branches, isn’t what you’ve linked to only an IRC-based gateway to WhatsApp? So you would require an IRC client in Messenger itself so you could connect to the gateway through it.

Just my two cents here, technically speaking, if one had to develop all that, you might as well forget IRC completely and implement WhatsApp Web into Escargot itself. Personally, having used such gateways before (albeit not this one), for Discord, Facebook Messenger and Skype, they require constant maintenance due to frequently changes on web service, tend to be buggy in normal use and get really clunky when you do something other than send basic messages.

Plus, I know people who have had their numbers blocked permanently by WhatsApp/Facebook for using third party software to connect, although WhatsApp Web should be a little safer, I think they’d take issue if they learnt this was going on.

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Using directly whatsapp would involve dealing with the cryptography part aswell.

I think that be very difficult,
cause WhatsApp use cryptography and QR Code to authenticate session.
So, even that we have address from WhatsApp server, that will not enough

Well, yes, What I linked is a working gateway from WhatsApp Web to IRC, so what be would needed is a way to chat with IRC-Contacts in Messenger. If there is allready an IRC-Gateway in Escargot being developed, that sounds extremely interesting. And yes, of course we could develop WhatsApp Web support for escargot ourselves, but wouldn’t it be a much much harder job than just adding IRC, which is officially documented? As for the maintenance, I don’t really think that this is gonna be such a problem. I admit actually on facebook it might be, and on Skype I know from my own experience that stuff often breaks, but: I’m now using Whappirc on Miranda since quite a while and I must say that unlike for example mirandas Skype plugin, it works extremely awesome, even with group chats. Anyway, I have kind of a friendship with the whappirc-developer, and he is willing to fix things if they ever break, which we do not think is gonna happen often, as I can not really remember WhatsApp doing much changes in their web version. As far as WhatsApp is concerned to block numbers, well, I would only make a web-based version so that the real WhatsApp can coexist on a phone for example, thus not taking away the possibility to make WhatsApp Calls, and I can not imagine them taking issue against us, as for them it is somehow even a win, as we do not ditch their own client. I understand them not liking if people try to forge the real client on an non-web basis, as it would lower the user experience, for example if I write an unofficial client, which can not receive voice messages, you as someone communicating with me actually get annoyed by the impossibility to use all features, with puts a bad light on WhatsApp. As for the web-based solution this is not the case. And anyway: What should they do? They can not really distinguish between an running whappirc-instance and normal chrome browser on a Mac, can they? I think the possibility of chatting with WhatsApp-Contacts would render Escargot MSN Messenger much more useful, especially as it makes it way more comfortable to convince people to switch to us. What do you think? I might also ask Lieuwe (the Whappirc Developer), whether he is willing to port his work to Escargot, but I doupt it as he is lacking time at the moment.

I asked him, he didn’t answer so far.

Can someone please inform me privately if the IRC-Gateway is finished?