Using MacOS MSN Messenger 6.0.3 with Escargot

I’m currently attempting to make MSN Messenger 6.0.3 for Mac work with Escargot. I followed the patching instructions for WLM 8 by opening the “Contents/MacOS/MSN Messenger” file in a hex editor, then tried setting up Messenger and logging in. Unfortunately, as expected, it didn’t work.
I opened up “Preferences”, and noticed there was a “Manual Setup” option. Is it possible that Manual Setup might make it work? If so, how exactly do I set it up?

Good luck with it.

I assume in those Mac versions they reference (which is still used today) in the binary directly instead of the Windows version, which it dynamically references from the system (explaining the msidcrl.dll patch), so you’d have to add that to a HOSTS file since we don’t have any equivalent URL patches for that. And I highly doubt that would work anyway since someone tested that version before and found out the HTTPS protocol it uses isn’t compatible with our servers right now. Good luck with your endeavors, though.