Using IM on a Sidekick

So I was looking for the perfect retro texting phone and found the sidekick 3. I couldn’t find one in good condition for sale yet so I don’t own one, but I wanted to know if any IM’s that it supported would still work if modded.

afaik sidekick used a special cloud server called danger or something, which kept track of contacts and stuff, and that service shut down in 2011. What I don’t understand is whether that was required to actually sign into any IM’s or not. I saw videos where with no sim they are able to get to the email and pass part but never actually attempted to sign in so idk if it’s dangers cloud stopping it or not.

Also I don’t think this has wifi, so if anyone has a sidekick and was willing to test, they’d have to setup a pi with openbts and enable gprs and track the domains it went to and stuff.

I don’t know if you can add apps from the mini sd card or not either so modding it for phoenix or escargot may be difficult, unless I just used it for home use and used my own openbts network with custom dns lol.