Using Escargot on Windows 98

Hello there! I’ve been trying to get MSN Messenger 6.2 working with the Escargot server on Windows 98, and while the patched messenger installs and runs fine, i can’t get it to connect to the service. The exact same setup works fine on XP and Win7 so the issue has to be with Win98. I noticed that always uses TLS1.2 encryption, but the highest that IE6.0 can support is TLS1.0. I’ve disabled SSL2 and 3 as per the WinXP instructions but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is the server strictly 1.2 now?


I recommend using 3.6 on 98.

Thanks a lot, just tried 3.6 and it works! Still, i remember being able to use 6.2 just fine on Win9x back in the day, is there really no way to get it working?

Escargot’s web servers do support all (current) TLS versions from 1.0 - 1.3. It’s just that its 1.0 support is limited to “secure” ciphers thanks (not really) to our production server Caddy doing that for us, and the oldest of them are only supported by XP and above in the Windows world. That production server also trashes SSL support (basically SSL 2 and 3 aren’t supported) so that severs compatibility of MSN 5+ with anything below XP moreso than it already is on XP right now. I’ve pitched to the creator, who also maintains the servers, to consider switching to something more flexible like Apache, but he seems comfortable with his Caddy setup for now. There’d also be a grey area open with allowing older HTTPS protocols since they contain major flaws that can cause concern for some people (e.g., SSL 3 and the POODLE attack), but I myself am not worried about those security implications much.

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so to sum it up: no 5.0 and newer cant run on 98 because what it requires isnt on 98 but its on xp

It’s more that what 98 supports for HTTPS is (blatantly) unsupported by the HTTP server we currently use. Once valtron’s more compliant with using something more flexible (assuming he will be), support on OSes before XP will be considered more.