Using dial up thanks to a plant

My cat tugged down a plant and that plant waterlogged my wifi router, so i have to use dial-up until i get a new router. I’m using a 25 year old 56k modem and the prices have R I S E N. it took 5 minutes to load this page


lol, enjoy that

i created my own 64k dialup server to use on my win 95 machine

Mine of the same age broke a few months ago, after being turned on for 25 years. I haven’t actually cracked it open yet to see if it is repairable for not (might just be capacitors).

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ok…that’s sended data speed :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean 56k, right? I don’t think 64k is possible. Plus 56k was only achievable with lab conditions.

yeah 56k i don’t know why i writed 64