Using custom emoticons from original WLM on Escargot?

So since I discovered Escargot weeks ago I felt the need to use the customized emoticons I used back in the day on the original Windows Live Messenger (which I still have installed on an old laptop with its respective folders and stuff). Is it possible to somehow extract the emoticons from there to use them on Escargot? Does anyone know?

Are you talking about customized default emoticons or custom emoticons?

Custom emoticons!

Custom emoticons do work on Escargot. Just find the original files and add them to WLM the same way you used to.

I know that. But it’s impossible to find the emoticons I used back then on the Net nowadays and I don’t keep the original files :frowning: So that’s why I’m asking if there’s something I can do with the original WLM folders I have.

The only solution right now is to get all the .dt2 files from your Messenger ObjectStore, rename their extension appropriately (.jpg, .png, or .gif; if you’re not experienced with analyzing those files on the inside it’s basically trial and error), and read them on your Escargot-patched client. @TReKiE goes over this in this post:

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