UserVM isn't also safe

UserVM is ran by CollabVM if people wanted to share their VMs to the public.

The fact is, it’s basically a CollabVM clone but instead of “safe and secure” it’s just the same old CollabVM thing.

Admins can still grab your IP. Not even a VPN could help you.

I’m recommending people to only have kinds of software like VirtualBox, VMware Workstation.

I have used them before and they are perfect. This is why UserVM and CollabVM are the internet’s dangerous sites in the world.

Please report this to the following links:

That’s all what I have to say.

Report the links below:

Normal VMs are also not so safe anymore. There are viruses that can spread to your pc thru VM, or they just wont work in VM.

Unless, if you use Mac OS or like Linux.

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Any System Operator of any service with access to logging functionality can grab your connecting IP. it is a basic right for them, as connection information is needed for tasks such as debugging.

Yes, denying the grant to connect to a service they provide is acceptable. You automatically acknowledge that use of a online service is not a right, but a grant which can be denied. You acknowledge this by continuing to use online services.


i’m not sure what kind of basic lack of understanding is going on here and while i do not associate with the general community of collabvm/computernewb because of a varying amount of problems with its members,

@yellows111 is right, any operator of a service asserts a basic amount of responsibility for their service, and as such, need to retain information such as your ip and username (these two are most relevant to services on collabvm, which includes uservm).

no danger is apparent on your machine by being on collabvm or uservm, minus anythng that is generally out of your control… unless you do it yourself of course, ala exposure to pornography, illegal materials (which should be reported as soon as possible), underage users (also should be reported because its illegal for them to access collabvm due to said hypothetical exposure to pornography).

uservm is also not a ‘collabvm clone’, it’s an official extension of the service itself. of course, it’s always recommended to just use your own hardware, but only if you have the capable hardware necessary for performant virtualization.

I get it, thanks for the message.

glad an understanding was reached

Admin for that site here, pretty much concur with yellows and dfu. I touched on this a little in your other post and most of it applies here. UserVM is an extension of our service that allows people to run their own customized instances of our server and share it with others.

You’re correct that we can see your IP address, any site you visit can. We log IP addresses to help mitigate abuse.

In addition, when you connect to a UserVM you are subject to their rules and they also can see your IP address, since you’re connecting to a server hosted by them. We do not moderate UserVMs and the most we’ll do is delist them if they violate our hosting rules.

Like I said in your other post, these are two completely different scopes. If you want a VM all to yourself, don’t use CollabVM or UserVM, run your own VM.

Yeah, but what if the UserVM has the owner in there and then just leaks somebody’s IP address?

That’s a risk you take when using any online service. UserVMs are hosted, owned, and operated by others and we’re not responsible for them, period.

if someone is going to be malicious with what i can consider pii because of the range of carelessness an isp can have when it come to geoip, then their uservm should not be available - that’s just what i think about it

Of course, that’s why we have a UserVM rule against that. However I’m not going to pretend like there’s zero risk of it happening to begin with


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idk about you, but i remember the admins on collabvm in around 2021 seemed malicious with ip addresses to me.
maybe it’s either because I was underage in 2021 or because the admins are just not nice people with that sort of thing, but for that reason I don’t think I will be returning to this site.
not saying UserVM is the same, but I did think the admins on collabvm were not great people when it comes to managing a website