Unsupported Operating System (Windows Live OneCare)

how do i fix this Windows live Onecare
i need to install windows live OneCare but i Got this message quickly
Unsupported Operating System

To install Windows Live OneCare, your computer must be running windows vista (32-bit or 64-bit versions) or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32-bit only). if you are Running Windows XP but have not installed Service Pack 2, click “Get Help” to learn more about installing WinXP SP2.
and also error id

Error ID: 0003-80004005

Why did i Get Error ID? can you guys solve this Problem? i tired to installed Windows Live OneCare

i hope @TReKiE will fix the problem


Try installing it in compatibility mode with any of the mentioned required OSes (XP or Vista).

i have no compatibility mode
i don’t have Compatibility mode because compatibility mode is missing. how do i enable that?


Give this a try:
(scroll until you see “To add Compatibility tab to Properties”)
Let me know (after trying) if it brought back the compatibility tab or not.

follow the mods instructions and get compatibility mode and if that dosent work you most likley cant run it or you can try to find the values for supported oses and try to change them. on an unrelated note if you have the artchived offline installer for windows onecare could you please share it because its very rare and i havent found a copy that works yet

There’s another way: launch the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

2nd and most huge problem: the servers for the program are dead

EDIT: i found out about Onecare rewritten so… check it out! https://onecare.cloudlillith.net

it doesn’t work. try something diffrerent

yes i can give you an offline installer of windows live onecare. its take it easy. https://windows-live-onecare.en.softonic.com/

I would like a summary about that site. What’s it about, and what’s it’s goal?

they try to revive onecare ;-;

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SIKE! i tried and it doesnt work

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