Unofficial Escargot User Reports Database

UEURD is a community made list of misbehaving users listed to help other users to be safe.
You can report someone if they’re spamming you, doxxing, sending you inappropiate messages and so on.

This database is currently maintained by me (@Craftplacer) but others can apply to be manager of it.

You can view/access this list under
To report someone visit

Note/Disclaimer: That I’m not affiliated with the server administrators of Escargot, and like mentioned before this is a community made list.


Isn’t a bad idea! :slight_smile:

In this post I wanna talk about one report we received:

Today I received a report about PP (@PPCB), which is the first sheet/database manager I accepted.
In the report their detailed that he forces people to do stuff otherwise they get reported on to this list. Me as the owner of this list, is not ok with these kind of actions, but the report failed to deliver evidence. So I can’t ban him just because someone says so, PP denied this accusation so I can’t be positive neither negative so he stays a manager.

PP states and provided me chat logs of that group (IE screenshots and .XML chat log) that he said that they land on this list if they continue group invite spamming him, of that group that, In my eyes it isn’t really abusing his powers, because he says that he doesn’t want to participate in these group chats. And if that really continues after his message then it’s an acceptable reason to get on this list.

So if PP actually abuses his powers as manager of this list, I will revoke his managing permissions.

Also the report said that I should check up how reliable the feedback is. Yes Google Sheets and Forms aren’t the best ways to do these type of things but we adjusted them today for this reason.

All new reports will now require you to log in to Google and you’re limited to 1 report, I will try to make sure that you still be able to submit new ones. Also the reports are only visible to managers only now but each reported email address on the database gets a report number so that we know which email address belongs to which report. 0 stands for non-form reports such as DMing me or otherwise.

I want to point out that we adjust the database if someone apologizes to their behavior (limited to 1 time of course) and we can’t be perfect at everything. This is a fairly new idea, I hope if this list ever gets to really large scale that we can improve ourselves such as using a custom website for this.

Thanks for your understanding of this situation.
- @Craftplacer

If you have anything to add here, just want to talk about the moderation of this list and so forth please do that here I will respond to your questions and requests.

It’s nice to know someone’s monitoring it. The bigger this system gets the harder it’s going to be for managing it. Forms isn’t really a nice way to look after it but it’s probably the only way.

It’s a shame the system can’t handle IP login bans. I think that will come in the near future as this system is currently too small. Just wait until it grows.

Well Google Forms and Sheets offer to jump to specific entries. So it wouldn’t be that hard to manage it if it grows.

If this project actually gets like around 250 or 500 addresses I might consider to do a custom website or an application that might even be linked/working with Windows Live Messenger.

Well, now we require people to login with Google and more difficult to spam now than an IP ban.

So I made updates to the form recently.

Form Updates

I removed the requirement to log in to Google but I set a new confirmation process to the report.
This will ensure that you will enter valid email where you can respond, and if any list managers have problems reviewing your report they can contact you under your email address.

Also I made it the sections more clear by adding descriptions and such.

List Updates

I added a column for notes/comments, giving more clearer information what exactly happened. And now the reasons column will have a color assigned of the severity of the reason.

Red is major and orange is minor.


It seems that the project is slowly dying so I’m collecting opinions again

Do you use the UEURD?

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Do you think UEURD was a good idea?

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Do you think the UEURD should continue on?

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You could implement a report function into your contact list app too then this gets rid of this public list, combine the app into one - maybe have the form send an email to couple people so they can take action? :slight_smile:

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