Unofficial "Best User On MG for 2019" Poll

with the top 10 being decided by how many likes they received

wow, this is a horrible idea that will merely boost egos and nothing more
closes on January 1st, 2020 12 AM PST

  • OhHelloThereImTheGuy
  • Nojus2001
  • appledoo
  • TReKiE
  • Megadeth58
  • PF94
  • reesehan_schavinchi1
  • Machintosh_Lapfan
  • veselcraft
  • zRioziin

0 voters

people actually think im one of the best

no they’re just voting for you out of sympathy


here i am at the rockbottom

where i deserve to be

the best i ohhello is the best his helping us making make much things

who tf thinks it’s funny to vote me :thinking: